LISAN [leaving/ a sound-film production] upcoming 2007/08

PA-ALULUNG [for solo string bass, solo cymbal, found objects, and about 100 iron nail chimes distributed among the audience] to be premiered 2007 by bass player/performance artist Allan von Schenkel

AGUYOY [interval music for bean-pods, leaves, and wood] Premiered in March 2006 at the University of the Philippines

BULAKLAKAN (for 16 children's voices, percussion and the audience) Premiered by the Mandaluyong Children's Choir in Manila, March 2004

PATANGIS-BUWAYA Version 3 for four [Hungarian] flutes, performed at the Hommaga Bartok in Budapest, Huingary, sponsored by the Magyar Radio Bartok Channel, May 24, 2006

Version 2: for four large bamboo flutes SULING, performed at the Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival in Indonesia, September 2005

Version 1(for four sub-contra bass recorders) Performed at the Asian Music Festival in Tokyo, Japan. September 2003

SALAYSAY (Music for woman's voice, 3 percussionists, and audience). Performed at the Asian
Contemporary Music Concert, Abelardo Hall, UP College of Music ; October 3, 2002

BANWA ["Imagined Community," after B. Anderson]

Version 3 for 4 bamboo scrapers, solo voice, various Chinese instruments [sheng, suona, pipa, gong, etc], and 100 pairs of pebbles distributed among the audience.

Version 2 for 4 bamboo scrapers, 1 'bamui' caller,
1 'sarunai' oboe, 1 'khaen' mouth organ, and 100 iron nail chimes distributed among the audience)
Performed at the concert, Parallel Streams: An Asian Composer's League Exchange Concert Abelardo Hall, UP College of Music; November, 2001.

Version 1 for four bamboo scrapers played by 4 Maguindanao musicians also playing kulintang a tamlang instruments and about 100 bird whistles distributed among the audience. Premiered in Bangkok , Thailand during the 3rd ASEAN Composer's Forum on Traditional Music, December 1997

DALUY (Interval Music in 5 parts for 5 percussionists and audience)

Version 3: [upcoming 2007] for one performer/ in collaboration with Bennicio Sokkong, to be premiered in Wellington , New Zealand

Version 2: for five Kalingga Musicians, performed at the “Tawag ng Bantula!” Bamboo Music Festival, Manila , Sepetember 2005

Version 1: Performed at the Pacific Soudstreams
Festival, UP Diliman; September 2000. Recorded in 1999 by the AUIT Chamber Vocal Ensemble.

BALAWANG-PAIKUTAN (Music for 5 dancers, 5 animators, 16 voices, and audience) Performed during
A Concert of Lenten Ritual Music Pundaquit, Zambales. April 1999

WALA ("Nothingness" for seven or hundreds of men's voices) Performed at the February Arts Month Concert Series, UP Lagoon, February 1999. Premiered in Ubon Ratchathani , Thailand during the 3rd ASEAN Composer's Forum of Traditional Music, December 1997.

BANAL-PASAKIT ("Holy Sacrifice" for 10 men's and 10 women's voices, a capella: to plea for mercy for
a dying nephew, Jonathan G. Baes) Performed at the Contemporary Music Festival of the Asian Composer's League, Manila, Philippines, April 1988

YAYEYUNAN [sometimes, “YEYUAN,” or “YEYUNAN”](“Melody" for 5 women's voices, 16 bamboo rasps, and 4 bamboo zithers). Score presented as an exhibit and music performed at the Contemporary Art Museum of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, June 5-July 5, 1987

BASBASAN ("to bless" for 20 bean-pod rattles and 20 men's voices) Performed at an "indignation" concert protesting the death of Benigno Aquino and celebrating the 67th Anniversary of the University of the Philippines College of Music. September 1983.

CHALIPAY [or “KALIPAY”]("Celebration" for 100 bamboo instruments and 100 voices of trail calls, and audience plugging their ears) Performed at the Graduation Recital at the University of the Philippines College of Music, January 1982

PANTAWAG (Music for Calling People for Bamboo Scrapers, Palm Leaves, and "Forest Voices")
Performed while in procession around the University of the Philippines Campus in September 1981

SIGAW ( 'internal' inaudible cries of injustice) for ten men's voices and gongs; Performed at the First University Composer's Forum, University of the Philippines, December 1981